The Big Count – The Street Food Trader Survey

Count the Street Food Traders that are Counting on You

Join literally thousands of other people.

Pick an hour or two throughout the week and over the weekends to discover the Street Food Traders in your area.

Why take part?

The number of Street Food Traders or to give them their Latin name Street Cibum Negotiatori is a great indicator of the health of the Nation. To few and the Nation suffers. That’s why it’s so important to participate in a survey like The Big Street Food Trader Count. This will enable people such as your self, to keep an eye on the number of traders who are trading up and down the Towns and Cities where we live. If you are aged between 16 and 75 you can participate in this survey.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is spend an hour or two throughout the week or over the weekends from the 30th of January to 28th of February 2015 counting the number of Street Food Traders in your area. It’s that simple! The more people that get involved, the more we can learn about the Street Food Scene in the UK . So, grab a mate or even 5 and together we can all help to give the Street Food Traders a permanent welcoming home.

What are you looking out for?

Which Traders you will see will vary greatly depending on where you live. What food you find and where your food is being cooked will depend also on where you live. But one thing is for certain, spend a little time in the ideal environment of our Street Trader friends and you’re sure to give them a home in your Town or City.
How to attract the Street Food Trader?
Providing there is adequate call and plenty of space you won’t have difficulty in attracting Street Food Traders. Some Street Food Traders will trade anywhere, this is not allowed. You will find that all County Councils will insist on specifics. Location is key to their success, size of stall has benefits and in addition to permits and licenses various legislation is now in place to protect the people conducting the survey.

Places you find Street Food Traders?

Some of our native traders are very shy and will only venture out at certain times of year and then they can only be seen at particular locations up and down the country. Some of these examples are included below.
Railway Tunnels        Disused Warehouses  The Countryside        Towns & Cities           Market Places

images       images2       images3        images4     images5

What you are looking for?

If you have prior knowledge of what to look for you are already at an advantage. Be one step ahead and scour the various sites on the internet to educate yourself as to what to look out for. Large numbers of people, hanging around any of the locations above will give you an indication that there may well be a collection of Street Food Traders. Other tell tale signs are, the accompanying sounds made by another rare breed such as DJ’s or to give them their full name, Disc Jockeys. Also, the waft of food that smells so inviting it mesmerises you and entices you to seek out the source. Sometimes there may be only one and occasionally you will find them in pairs. Street Food Traders don’t have any known enemies, except for the disgruntled. A minority who don’t wish for this rare breed to congregate in any number, anywhere where there is other species of Food Traders present. Evolution has taught them to co-exist near each other without any threat to each other.


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